Butterflies are beautiful but did you know… ?

viaadmin Children's Feature, Volume 51

Butterflies weren’t always pretty. They start life as caterpillars which are not very pretty, are they? Then they wrap themselves in a cocoon. While inside, they grow new parts. After a while, they start struggling inside the cocoon until the shell breaks. Finally, they emerge as beautiful butterflies with amazing colors and designs. If they don’t struggle to get out, they are unable to fly.

A home for Joey

viaadmin Children's Feature, Volume 49

Have you ever visited the zoo and watched the strange looking animals with short front legs and long hind legs as they bounce around the enclosure? These animals are called kangaroos or wallabies.

The greatest journey

viaadmin Children's Feature, Volume 48

About 2,000 years ago, Jesus, the Son of God, left His home in Heaven and came to Earth. It was the beginning of the greatest journey ever made. How Did He Come? Jesus didn’t travel in a spaceship, or ride a shooting star. He was born as a baby to Mary, who was told by an angel of God that …

Zoo Baby!

viaadmin Children's Feature, Current Issue, Volume 47

There is a super cute new baby with big eyes and round cheeks at the zoo. People are lining up to see her. Her picture is in the news. Who is this black and white ball of fur? She’s a baby panda! Giant Pandas are an endangered animal. There are only about 1500 of them living in the wild. About …

You’ve got mail – a message from space

viaadmin Children's Feature, Current Issue

Have you ever sent an e-mail to another planet? Or have you perhaps text-messaged someone in the next galaxy? Sound odd? Well, that’s what a group of astronomers have been attempting to do for more than 40 years! Their idea first took to the sky in 1973. In that year, the Pioneer 10 space probe made history. It became the …

Chelsea chased a what

Chelsea Chased a What?

viaadmin Children's Feature, Volume 45

Dear Children, Grandma and I know that children like riddles, so here is a riddle for you. Tell me … What kind of dog is white … Has black spots all over it … And a light yellow spot on its forehead … And also smells like a skunk? Did you guess? “Sure, Grandpa. It sounds like your dog Chelsea …

We Are All Special to God

viaadmin Children's Feature, Volume 44

Every cow has a special place on a farm. When a cow or calf dies it is noticed. Blackie lived on Farmer Richard’s ranch with her healthy and happy calf. Up in the barn was a hungry, sad, orphaned calf. Blackie’s calf unexpectedly died on a dark and rainy night. Without her calf, Blackie was lonely and sad. Scent is very …

Meet the Amazing Penguin

viaadmin Children's Feature, Volume 43

I can drink sea water and stay warm in very cold harsh environments. I am a special bird, an emperor penguin. I have four layers of feathers that protect me from the wind and help keep me waterproof. When the Antarctic winds are blowing their coldest, I keep warm with the large amount of fat that insulates my body. This …

Getting Laddie Back

viaadmin Children's Feature, Volume 42

Laddie was the most wonderful dog in the world. At least that’s what Matt thought. Even running errands for Mom was fun for Matt if Laddie came along. When Matt came home from school, Laddie was always at the gate to meet him. But one day, when Matt got home, his dog had vanished. “Where’s Laddie?” he asked his Mom. “He’s probably curled …