Don’t Miss It

viaadminTeen Talk, Volume 53

No one likes to miss something. If we’re traveling, we hate to miss a flight, a bus, or a train.
But there is one thing we definitely do not want to miss

You’re One of a Kind

viaadminChildren's Feature, Volume 53

There’s no one in the whole world just like you! You don’t need to wear a costume or do anything different to be one of a kind. You’re already special and unique, every day of the year.

Just as you are

viaadminTeen Talk, Volume 52

Have you thought that you might be happier if you had different colored eyes, or if you were a different height or weight? Perhaps you’ve wished that you had perfect eyesight, that you did not have diabetes, or that you could walk without the aid of crutches or a wheelchair. But did you know that you were created, just the …

God’s love in every colour

viaadminChildren's Feature, Volume 52

When God created you, He gave you the ability to be creative. Whether you draw, make music, or build things, your creativity shows that you are special. As you explore the world God created, you’ll find that He used all the colours to make a beautiful home we can enjoy. Each colour in a box of crayons can tell us …

Butterflies are beautiful but did you know… ?

viaadminChildren's Feature, Volume 51

Butterflies weren’t always pretty. They start life as caterpillars which are not very pretty, are they? Then they wrap themselves in a cocoon. While inside, they grow new parts. After a while, they start struggling inside the cocoon until the shell breaks. Finally, they emerge as beautiful butterflies with amazing colors and designs. If they don’t struggle to get out, they are unable to fly.

I just couldn’t help myself

viaadminTeen Talk, Volume 50

“I just couldn’t help myself,” said David as he was booked in the police station of a small Pennsylvania town.
The list of charges looked pretty nasty …

A powerful reminder

viaadminTeen Talk, Volume 49

Your local phone book is full of many names. Did you know that each person in that book is personally known by God and extremely valuable to Him?

A home for Joey

viaadminChildren's Feature, Volume 49

Have you ever visited the zoo and watched the strange looking animals with short front legs and long hind legs as they bounce around the enclosure? These animals are called kangaroos or wallabies.

The greatest journey

viaadminChildren's Feature, Volume 48

About 2,000 years ago, Jesus, the Son of God, left His home in Heaven and came to Earth. It was the beginning of the greatest journey ever made. How Did He Come? Jesus didn’t travel in a spaceship, or ride a shooting star. He was born as a baby to Mary, who was told by an angel of God that …