Just as you are

viaadmin Teen Talk, Volume 52

Have you thought that you might be happier if you had different colored eyes, or if you were a different height or weight? Perhaps you’ve wished that you had perfect eyesight, that you did not have diabetes, or that you could walk without the aid of crutches or a wheelchair. But did you know that you were created, just the …

A powerful reminder

viaadmin Teen Talk, Volume 49

Your local phone book is full of many names. Did you know that each person in that book is personally known by God and extremely valuable to Him?

How many birthdays?

viaadmin Teen Talk, Volume 48

Your birthday is a special day that is all about you. It’s a time of fun and celebration—a day to enjoy special treats and open presents. HOW MANY BIRTHDAYS? How many birthdays have you had? I don’t mean how many times have you blown out candles or gotten a year older. I mean, how many times have you been born? …

Choose Life!

viaadmin Current Issue, Teen Talk, Volume 47

All of us have been deeply shocked and disturbed by the terrible incidents of violent crime and terrorism. Why, we ask, would people terrorize and murder their fellow citizens? I will not try to go into the psychological and sociological explanations that some would offer, but the Bible does give some warnings and guidelines pertaining to our thought life, which …

You are sensible

viaadmin Current Issue, Teen Talk

It’s late afternoon when you hear the doorbell ring. A glance through the window in the front door sends a surge of adrenalin through your whole body, sweat breaks out on your forehead and your pulse jumps involuntarily. You saw his picture all over the news. The tattoos match, the car behind him running in the driveway matches, and the …

What do you know

What Do You Know?

viaadmin Teen Talk, Volume 45

What’s the most important thing you know? It’s a huge question! Education is a big part of our lives. We spend years going through elementary, middle, and high school, and then we are strongly encouraged to go to university or college. We spend a lot of money on learning – and possibly a good amount of time and energy as …

The Real Thing

viaadmin Teen Talk, Volume 44

We hear a lot about social media in the news. Some recent suicides have been attributed to online bullying. Sometimes we dwell on nasty things we read about other people, even if we have never even met them because it makes us feel slightly better about our own lives. We can meet many friends online. But we may have a big surprise …


viaadmin Teen Talk, Volume 42

If someone asked you if you loved God, you might say: “Of course I love God. What kind of a person do you think I am?!!” Many people are afraid to say they really don’t love God, in case He retaliates by being unresponsive to them in a crisis. So, making yourself believe you love God offers you some reassurance that God …

Dear Teenager:

viaadmin Teen Talk, Volume 41

Dear Teenager: I would like to express my sympathy and concern for so many of you who are encountering difficulty in the pursuit of your chosen field of education and employment. It seems, what with tuition increases, funding cuts, technological advances, and unemployment, that there aren’t the wide choices available to you that were taken for granted by your parents’ generation. …