Evidence of Love

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When Prince William wanted to demonstrate just how deep his love for Kate Middleton was, he gave her the most meaningful and precious gift he could ever give.

Burned in the memories of some who lived in the 80’s and 90’s are the heartbroken and sad faces of two young princes, William and Harry, whose mother had tragically died in a car accident. Royalty followers never once questioned Princess Diana’s love for her two boys, nor their love for their mother. The boys were left with beautiful memories of a mother who loved them.

Pictures, mementos, heirlooms and keepsakes are treasured reminders of the one Prince William loved. One very special treasure was Princess Diana’s sapphire and diamond engagement ring. The unique ring would not be given away lightly or carelessly, nor would it be worn on the finger of someone not loved or valued deeply by William. It would be reserved for the love of his life. It would be gladly given to the one to whom he wanted to express his deepest love.

As heart-warming as the royal love story is, there is an even greater love story to be told. As meaningful as Prince William’s engagement gift was, there is a love gift that outstrips all other statements of love and affection.

The Gift was wrapped in swaddling clothes and snuggled in a manger in Bethlehem. The Gift dressed in street clothes of commoners and walked the dusty roads of earth in pursuit of those to whom He could bring blessings and happiness. The Gift rested His weary head in a boat sailing to other shores to seek and to save the perishing. The Gift sat at a well and blessed a thirsty destitute woman with living water.

The Gift was stripped of His clothes and beaten and bruised. Eventually the Gift hung wounded and bleeding upon a cross – rejected and despised by the very ones He loved and came to bless.

The full appreciation of the Gift can only be understood by considering His painful and shameful death on the Cross. When God wanted to express the depth of His love to sinners like you and me, He gave His one and only Son to bear the penalty and to pay for our sins. That death was God’s ultimate statement of love to our prodigal world.

Kate Middleton accepted, as a statement of love, that which was most precious to Prince William – his mother’s beautiful ring. Have you ever accepted the Gift that is most precious to God – His Son Jesus Christ?


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