From Darkness to Light

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The story of the Chilean miners trapped underground for more than two months captivated the world. People checked the news daily to discover the latest developments. I was glad to hear that the 33 men were given Bibles to read.

It must have been a very challenging, fearful time. The miners were in the dark, 622 meters below the surface of the earth, separated from family, and with limited supplies. The rescue effort was brilliant. A capsule was sent down through a narrow tunnel to save each man one by one. What a plan! That capsule was a lifesaver.

Each man had to put his faith in the capsule and actually step through the door if he was going to be brought up safely. If the men had merely chosen to admire the capsule or put a picture of it on the mine wall, they would have been left in darkness rather than living in the light of the sun again.

This is how many people treat the Lord Jesus Christ today. They say He was a good man, some people even hang a cross around their neck or have His picture on the wall. However, they have never believed in His sacrifice to save them from the power of sin in their lives and from the judgment God says sin deserves. Could this be you?

The Lord Jesus Christ left a wonderful place of light called Heaven to come down to this dark sinful world to pay for our sins on the cross. God requires judgment for every sin, no matter how small in our eyes. Just as the capsule did all the work for each miner so that they could be saved, Christ paid for our sins on the cross. We need to personally put our faith in Him for salvation. He is the one who can bring us to God and into the marvelous light of knowing our sins forgiven.

The Lord Jesus Christ wants to give you eternal life. He wants to lift you out of the darkness of your sins and the eternal condemnation they deserve. He will bring you into His light, His joy, and His forgiveness. He is the door to Heaven and to a fulfilled life here on earth ( John 10:9,10). The Lord Jesus said, “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life” ( John 8:12). What a Saviour! Will you trust Him?

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