Volume 37

We all need a True Friend to guide us through this world that is full of misleading information.

volume-37-coverWe learn of this Friend in the Bible. Families and individuals suffer greatly, because we are often enticed to chase after things that really do not matter, instead of preparing for the future.

Eternity is a reality. In the centre pages of this magazine you can see that peace with God is found when we trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and accept Him as our Lord and Saviour. We can know peace with God and have a sure foundation for our life. The cross, where the Lord Jesus died for our sins, divides us in our destinies. If we accept the Lord as our Saviour, we are sure of going to be with Him in Heaven: the perfect place prepared for those who are saved. If we reject the Lord Jesus, we are bound for Hell.

Sometimes it takes one of life’s tragedies to give us an appreciation of how small and insignificant we are, as compared to an infinite God. It is a comfort to our troubled hearts to learn that when we are completely without strength, we can turn to the Saviour. He loves us enough to take the punishment for our sin. Only God’s Son can take our load of sin and make us right with God.

Friends help us through life’s difficult moments. The True Friend that will never leave us is the Lord Jesus. He is coming again to take those who are saved to Heaven. Don’t be left to face God’s judgment.

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Bridge Collapsed!

“What’s going on here? Why is my car behaving this way?” Instantly the traffic ahead veered out of control as the concrete broke up and disappeared. Those few fleeting seconds of disbelief must have been horrifying.

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Battling ‘Affluenza’

During 1918-19 more than twenty million people worldwide died in just 120 days as a result of the influenza virus, or what was commonly known as Spanish Flu. Statistics show 12.5 million of these deaths were in India, and half a million in the United States

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A True Friend

It was an unforgettable sight that  burned its image into my brain. The place was in the city of Philadelphia, which means ‘Brotherly Love.’

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A Changed Destiny

When I met Randy, he was sitting on a park bench in Great Falls, Montana. He was holding a bottle of beer and looked totally miserable.

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It’s Doctor Death’s Turn to Die

Dr. Jack Kevorkian graduated from medical school in 1952 as a pathologist. For decades, he had a keen interest in death, and in the late 1980s he advertised his ‘death counseling’ services in a Detroit newspaper.

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How God Sees Us

People are inclined to be pretty self-inflated, don’t you think? A while ago, I was listening to an inspirational talk from a big company executive. “Our greatest challenge,” he said, “is understanding how great we are.” Selfinflated?

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Snow is used as a standard of whiteness and purity. Many years ago a photographer became interested in photographing snowflakes. After taking hundreds of pictures of different flakes, he concluded that no two were exactly alike

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A Perverted Gospel?

Gospel means ‘good news’ and it is generally used of the Christian message concerning Jesus Christ. Even in very early days there were those that tried to change the message the apostles were teaching.

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Moving Day

My family has just moved to a new home. We loved our old home but we found it was no longer suitable for our growing family. With prayer and caution we searched until we found a house that met our needs.

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Have you seen a Hummingbird?

Have you ever thought of the wonder of wings? A flying pelican takes it easy at about one beat of his wings per second. A crow does a lazy two or three beats per second.

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How to Hear God’s Voice

Internet, newspapers, television, cell phones, radios – there are so many loud and contradictory messages in the world today, that most people are confused about what to believe.

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Show me the Truth!

I had good parents, but they were not considered ‘religious.’ I had to attend Sunday School until I was 12 years old. At the age of 14, I started listening to music that later formed the foundation for the early life decisions I made!

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Why am I Alive?

How old are you? Fifteen? Seventeen? Perhaps nineteen? You are beginning to think things out for yourself. Have you ever asked yourself the question, “Why am I alive?”

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Grandma was an Atheist

Max lived in Russia with his parents and his grandmother who was a committed communist. In her younger days, she had earned her living by holding meetings with female factory workers.

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The Rapture

Did you know that the Lord Jesus Christ is coming again to take all who have been redeemed by His blood to be forever with Him in Heaven?

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