Volume 38

Life is full of unanswered questions. Why were we created? What happens after death? Who is God and how can we know Him?

volume-38-coverThe answers to these and other questions in relation to your eternal welfare are found in God’s Word, the Bible. Not only does the Bible explain who God is and why we are here, but it also tells us that He loves us, and gave His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to be our Saviour.

Death is all around us, whether it is with our soldiers in Afghanistan or on the highways in North America. The chart in the centre of this magazine depicts what happens to every person when they pass into eternity. Our soul, that part of us that will live forever, will be in one of only two destinies – Heaven or Hell. The choice is yours.

As you read this little magazine, we pray that you will trust Christ Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. Christ trusted means eternal life; Christ rejected means eternal wrath. No earthly decision brings such abiding consequences as the one concerning Jesus Christ. We commend Him to you today.

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The Heart of God

Scientists can never make up their minds as to the age of the universe in which this old world floats. Periodically new things are discovered which alter their former calculations.

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The Great Election Day

It was voting day in Jerusalem. Pilate, the governor, was presiding over the crowd that had gathered. The governor asked, “Are you for Christ?” “No,” they all cried, “away with this man, and release unto us Barabbas.”

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Dropped into a Policeman’s Arms

It really wasn’t blind faith nor was it a leap into the unknown. It was a deliberate rescue act. The danger above was immediate and deadly; the strong willing arms below were beckoning and trustworthy. There was no other way to safety.

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Japanese Soldier Bows

During World War I, Keiichi Fukaya felt honoured to wear his uniform as he served in the Japanese army. He had great responsibilities keeping a constant watch on the troop movements in China.

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Are You Fit?

Much is in the news about North America’s increasing tendency towards obesity due to our sedentary lifestyle and fast-food diet. Both children and adults are affected. People are becoming concerned about their health and weight.

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Lessons from a Kitty

The kitten meowing at my screen door was obviously hungry. I am not home enough to take care of a pet, so I put some food outside the door and watched him devour the tuna and milk.

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One Thing to do Before YOU Die

Dave Freeman died at his home in Venice, California at age 47. Just a few years ago, he and his friend Neil Teplica co-authored a hugely successful book entitled: 100 Things to do Before You Die.

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Flaming California Inferno

The raging infernos in Southern California seemed almost apocalyptic in character as the towering flames destroyed everything in their path.

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Pro Life – Pro Choice

One of the great social issues of our time divides people into two groups: pro-life and pro-choice.

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What is eternity? Many definitions and illustrations have been attempted, but they all fall short of fully capturing the concept.

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Nazi Criminal Convicted

In February 2008, a Canadian, who was convicted of brutally torturing and killing nine people at a Nazi prison camp more than 60 years ago, was extradited to Italy.

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Freedom to Soar

What a majestic bird! No wonder the Bald Eagle is a symbol of freedom and strength! It can soar at altitudes of 10,000 feet. During flight, it can effortlessly achieve speeds of 60 to 70 km per hour.

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Man – A Living Soul

It is a commonly believed today that humans are a fluke of evolution; a mere conglomeration of cells that over millions of years have adapted favorably to their environment, rendering a living, feeling, communicating, reasoning, and reproducing life form.

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Is Anything Free?

Do you ever wonder what longlasting impacts rising prices in the marketplace will have on our lifestyle?

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A Home you Can’t Lose

There are some heartwrenching stories in the United States just now about homeowners who are losing their homes. Foreclosures are rampant.

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