Volume 40

Our desire is that all who read this Via Magazine would come to know the God of the Bible in a personal way.

volume-40-coverGod speaks to us through His Word – the Bible, through the wonders of creation, through our consciences and through circumstances of life. In this magazine we have tried to present a variety of topics and human experiences that will help you to see your need of a relationship with Him.

God loves you so much that He gave His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to die so that you might live with Him eternally. Our hope is that you will be shown the way to Heaven through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Be sure to look for the hidden light bulb in the magazine. Stop to enjoy the articles as you search! All of the Bible quotations used in Via are from the New King James version.

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You Are Here!

It was a perfect day to visit the zoo. The animals were active. The weather was balmy. We were enthralled for quite some time watching the monkeys cavorting with one another, swinging from the ropes and playing with the toys.

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It was a late day at her office in Moncton, New Brunswick. Finally, Jackie put on her suede jacket and headed to the parking lot to go home. But she never arrived home that night. Nor did she show up the next day. Jackie disappeared.

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My Citizenship

I was born a British citizen. This year I became a Canadian citizen as well. Citizenship and Immigration Canada are fully aware of my dual citizenship but they have no idea that I also have a third. I am also a citizen of Heaven!

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A Lost Masterpiece

It was stunning news in the Arts world. A piece of artwork that no one knew even existed had been found. When the simple painting surfaced at an art auction, it was assumed to be the work of a 19th century German artist.

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A Gift of Tulips

How we appreciate those bright, multicoloured harbingers of spring! In Ottawa alone, Canada’s capital city, over a million tulips bloom each year. Such a profusion of this particular spring flower in Ottawa, is a result of a kindness shown over sixty years ago.

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Lambert the Lost Sheep

Lambert was walking around the field on his shaky little legs. Like most lambs, he could walk very soon after he was born. He was calling for his mother because he was getting very hungry. Lambert’s sad bleating echoed in the field.

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The World’s Best Seller

Our teen years are marked by learning to develop our own ideas. We make decisions for ourselves, based on what we can determine from information around us. Here is something for you to consider:

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Missing the Mark

Thomas Lamb Airways, later re-named Lambair, was founded by Tom Lamb in 1934. It was created to quickly transport fish from The Pas in Northern Canada to where it could reach the USA markets.

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The Big ‘C’ Word

The big ‘C’ word that puts fear into the heart when the doctor makes his diagnosis has been a prominent intruder into our family. My granddaughter died of this dread disease. My mother and eight of my twelve siblings, have all died of cancer.

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Coming to God

Throughout human history, billions of people have looked for a higher being. Feeling an inner emptiness, some people have sought a spirit or idea that could give their lives meaning, purpose and comfort for what lies beyond the grave.

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Kennedy & Letter to the Pope

Senator Edward Kennedy was a man of significant inf luence in the United States of America for almost half a century. He survived many personal issues and family troubles. On May 20, 2008, Mr. Kennedy faced another major hurdle – a brain tumor

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Our Bridge

Perhaps you are like a friend of mine? He thought about life and creation and his eternal destiny. He was a religious man but he was seeking answers and peace.

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Absolutely Clean

If you live in the country, I am sure you know the value of a reliable truck. I feel extra confidence when I flick on my 4×4 to travel on muddy or snowy roads. It is a wonderful thing to get from point A to point B without problems.

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