Volume 42

It is important to be prepared for events in life. Being prepared for eternity is vitally important.

volume-42-coverMany stories in this Via Magazine tell of people preparing for an event, whether climbing Mt. Everest, competing in a triathlon, retrieving a beloved dog, or sailing a ship. These articles also inform you how to be ready to meet God when your life on earth is over.

Lezar tells how he came to meet the Lord Jesus as his Saviour on his hospital bed. Daniel took his faith step before it was too late.

If you have not trusted the Lord Jesus Christ as your Saviour, you are not ready to meet God. Your sins have placed a barrier between you and God. You are separated from Him. Eternal life is available to you through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Be wise! As you prepare for various events in your present life, ensure your preparations for the next have also been made.

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Talking Time

My mind cannot wrap itself around the speed of technology these days. Who would have thought, 50 years ago, that we would be walking around with phones in our pockets? Not only can we talk on our phones but we can also access the World Wide Web with instant information from anywhere in the world.

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His Final Step

“But why Daniel”? This question has been asked over and over. Why did he have to leave us so soon? He was so young; just a week shy of his 18th birthday. The canoe and camping trip was a go. His occupation was planned. His future was as bright as his smile.

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Who is to Blame?

No one had forecasted a shipwreck as the Costa Concordia cruise ship left its port near Rome. Over 3000 guests on board the luxury liner were expecting a safe and enjoyable trip.

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Getting Laddie Back

Laddie was the most wonderful dog in the world. At least that’s what Matt thought. Even running errands for Mom was fun for Matt if Laddie came along. When Matt came home from school, Laddie was always at the gate to meet him. But one day, when Matt got home, his dog had vanished.

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If someone asked you if you loved God, you might say: “Of course I love God. What kind of a person do you think I am?!!” Many people are afraid to say they really don’t love God, in case He retaliates by being unresponsive to them in a crisis.

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Necessary Preparation

My boss registered to compete in the Subaru Ironman in Penticton, British Colombia. The Ironman is a gruelling triathlon consisting of a 3.8 km swim, a 180 km bike ride followed by a 42.2 km run.

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The Wrong Chart

The British naval vessel HMS Orpheus cut an impressive sight as she moved, in full sail, towards the lonely, rugged coast of New Zealand. It was Saturday, February 7, 1863, and a fine clear morning.

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The Greatest Thief of All

Last Christmas, I came home to find that someone had broken into my house. I had been robbed. It is a terrible feeling to realize that your home, a place where you find comfort, privacy and rest, can be so vulnerable to those intent on harm.

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Making Wise Investment Decisions

Do you know what things are really worth? Houses, cars, and other material things all have price tags that may not match the real value of those objects, nor do they represent their future value.

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Why don’t we see rainbows all of the time?

To see a naturally occurring rainbow, conditions have to be just right. There has to be a lot of water droplets in the air and the sun has to be at your back as you look at the droplets.

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Last Words on Mt. Everest

It was Shriya Shah-Klorfine’s lifelong dream to reach the summit of the planet’s tallest peak. For two years she prepared for her climb. Carrying a 20 kg backpack, she ran 19 km a day on trails and hills near her home.

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When Plans Collide

My name is Lezar. I’m 23 and I was born in the Philippines. Along with my sister and brother, I was given the privilege of growing up in a Christian home, although in my late teens I did not consider my home a blessing.

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