Volume 43

As you read through this volume of Via, you may notice that many of the articles are about the peace that God gives to us when we are right with Him.

volume-43-coverOur desire is that all our readers will place their trust in God’s only Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Once we are saved, we have peace in our lives knowing that our eternal future is secure. We have peace knowing that when the Lord Jesus Christ returns for all those who are saved, we will go with Him. Once we pass through the door of salvation, instead of a life that is imbalanced and out of alignment, we have inner peace and rest.

Salvation brings peace, it is also “the gift of God” (Ephesians 2:8). We chose the picture of a gift for the front cover because throughout this magazine you will read much of God’s gift of His Son to save us. If you have accepted God’s simple plan of salvation, may this cover remind you to share with others this good news. If you are not yet saved, may the picture and the articles you read lead you to receive the gift of God.

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Empty Chairs

Here’s an arresting sight. Rows of white chairs, set out on a vacant lot in the middle of a city – swivel chairs, dining chairs, armchairs, picnic chairs, classroom chairs. If you were to count them, you would find there are 185. What are they doing there?

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The All Important Door

I wonder how many doors I have stepped through today? I probably stepped through various doorways in my house at least 30 times since awakening. When I went downtown, I stepped through the post office door and the insurance agency door.

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Looking for Peace and Balance in Life?

If you could change one thing in your world, what would it be? Television celebrity and personal trainer Bob Harper has impacted many lives with his motivational advice. In addition to being a personal trainer for celebrities, he has been a star on the NBC American The Biggest Loser television series with former co-star, trainer Jillian Michaels.

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Heart Trouble

What is the most common affliction that plagues people in North America? Heart trouble. More than any other ailment, it is the disease that causes an early death.

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“If God is trying to tell me something, a letter would be nice.” That’s what Brian said after the soccer game, because he was really shaken up and seemed ready to listen to God.

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What’s Life?

What’s life? Some say it’s good friends, money in your pocket, popularity, partying, and having as much fun as you can for as long as you can. Is that all there is to life? One summary of life is ‘Here today, gone tomorrow!’ A really bitter answer to this question is: ‘Life is a terminal disease’.

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A Gift of Love

One day as I was carrying my baby granddaughter, I tried to fit between a dining room chair and the china cabinet. It was a little awkward because of the bundle in my arms. I managed to give the china cabinet a solid thump with my hip.

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Motorcycle Riders

When I was ten years old, I caught the “motorcycle bug.” From then on I was determined to own a motorcycle. I learned all I could about them and worked hard until I finally bought my own. It was all I had ever dreamed of.

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Meet the Amazing Penguin

I can drink sea water and stay warm in very cold harsh environments. I am a special bird, an emperor penguin. I have four layers of feathers that protect me from the wind and help keep me waterproof.

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God’s Gift of Peace

The Bible tells of a man from the country of the Gadarenes whose life was a nightmare. He was driven by the devil into the wilderness, to live alone in the tombs. He was in a crazed state of mind; naked, crying out and cutting himself with sharp stones.

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Pardoned – But Go!

It must have been a frightening experience for Paolo Gabriele, his wife and three children when the Vatican police arrived on their doorstep. Mr. Gabriele had been Pope Benedict XVI’s butler since 2006, but now he was the focus of a major internal criminal investigation.

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Johana’s Story

I was born and raised in Colombia, South America and baptized as a baby. I attended Catholic school and did my first communion when I was ten years old. I always believed in God but never really had an interest in establishing a closer relationship with Him.

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The pictures were all too clear! The little girl was struggling to escape from the grip on her arm as the determined man dragged her away. The video camera went unnoticed until the “missing child alert” went out.

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How Does a Snake “See” in the Dark?

We can’t usually see in the dark. Why not? You’re probably thinking, “Because there’s no light!” Well, actually, you’re wrong… there’s lots of light, it’s just not the type that we normally use to see with! Let’s talk a bit about light and start with the sun.

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London Eye

Recently I rode on the London Eye. As I was slowly lifted high above the city of London, I was able to take in the grandeur of the architecture. The historical buildings, built when times were very different, gleamed in the bright sunshine. Nothing impeded the view.

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