Volume 47

We hear about upheavals of nature such as hurricanes, tsunamis and forest fires and the devastating effects they have on people, particularly if warnings are ignored.

We hear about terrorist attacks and people destroying their bodies and lives with street drugs. Sometimes we may wonder “What is this world coming to?” The Bible has the answer to this and many other questions. God warns that in a coming day this earth will be judged in righteousness by the Lord Jesus Christ.

You can learn through the articles in this magazine that we need to turn to God, who “is light” (2 John 1:5) in order to be saved. Also we see that God loves us and His love has no expiration date. As John Miller discovered, it is not what we do but what Jesus did for us that can make us sure of being in our future, eternal, forever home in Heaven. Read on to learn about the Lord Jesus Christ who is able, willing and available to save us.

We hope that through reading the articles you will be drawn to learn more of the Saviour who came to save you! You can have hope and peace in this fearful world.

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John Miller Tells His Story

Ours was a typical Amish family. When I was 16 years old I started what the Amish call, “Rumschpringah.” Usually this consists of spending time with a group of your peers and being involved in their activities. My friends and I did many things against the church rules and against our parents’ wishes.

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AreYou Afraid of the Dark?

Lots of people are afraid of the dark. Why is that? Why are we afraid of the dark? Some people think that when we can’t see what is around us, we begin to imagine all kinds of scary things that might be out there. Plus, if something really was there, we wouldn’t be able to see it.

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No Expiration Date

We’ve all seen them, those little dates printed on the milk jug cap or in small print on the package of bread. That fresh milk taste or the delicious flavor of good bread has a time limit. Enjoy it before that little date, or run the risk of sour milk and dry bread. All great foods go bad at some point. Imagine trying to munch on food pulled from an Egyptian tomb.

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What are Christians?

What are Christians? Is a Christian someone who is not Jewish or Muslim? Often we hear of “Christian Countries,” but is this a misnomer? Christian is the title given to the followers of Jesus Christ in the early days, and has been proudly owned by thousands for almost 2000 years. A very brief definition of the word Christian is…

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Storm Warnings

Who has not experienced the power and terror of a storm? Homes and businesses are destroyed by tornadoes and floods. Hurricane winds ruin coastal communities. We have no control over when storms will start, where they will move, and how they will affect people.

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The Deliverer

The pyramid tombs in Egypt stand as a monument to human ingenuity. Built of huge blocks of stone, these tombs continue to be a marvel of ancient construction. According to an Egyptian tourist guide, these tombs were possible because Egypt had…

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Can we know?

Seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, smelling – everyday, we use our senses and our minds to learn more about ourselves and the world around us. By using our senses, we can know…

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Zoo Baby!

There is a super cute new baby with big eyes and round cheeks at the zoo. People are lining up to see her. Her picture is in the news. Who is this black and white ball of fur? She’s a baby panda! Giant Pandas are an endangered animal. There are only about…

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Choose Life!

All of us have been deeply shocked and disturbed by the terrible incidents of violent crime and terrorism. Why, we ask, would people terrorize and murder their fellow citizens? I will not try to go into the psychological and sociological explanations that some would offer, but…

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Above the Line

A blue line is painted on the road that leads to my house on the hill. It is unlike any other road markings. As you will see from the picture, there’s a blue strip across the road, a wave symbol, and the words tsunami safe zone. The idea is…

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The Most Expensive Tree

It was recognized in 2010 by the Guinness Book as the world’s most expensive tree. It cost over 11 million in US dollars. There was nothing cheap about the Christmas tree in the lobby of the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi. The bare-bones tree cost at least $10,000, but it’s what hung on the tree that gave it such incredible value.

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The Way that Seemed Right

As Portugal sweltered under 40˚ Celsius temperatures during the summer of 2017, a danger lay silently waiting to wreak havoc on the country. On June 17th, fire broke out in central Portugal in the municipality of Pedrògão Grande. The wildfire spread rapidly due to atmospheric instability which resulted…

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Able, Willing and Available to Help

Whether we think so or not, we need people to help us. For our society to work, we need people in specific places at specific times. Take a doctor, for example…

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