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“It’s a miracle you are alive,” the doctor said as she indicated the reports and x-rays showing water-filled lungs and low oxygen levels. Scott had proven that, “there is but a step between me and death” (1 Samuel 20:3). Vacationing Scott and Kim Hayes walked on the beach in Mexico. They headed to a sandbar where the Ameca River flows …

An Iraqui soldiers prayer

An Iraqi Soldier’s Prayer

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My story begins in Northern Iraq where my family were part of a minority group known as Assyrian Christians. We were ‘nominal’ Christians – Christians in name only. My family was faithful in attending church and adhering to church practices. However, those practices never gave me any peace within, nor did I have the assurance of Heaven or the forgiveness …


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Bubbles have a way of bursting quickly, long before you want them to. That’s the way so many pleasures in life are. One minute we’re having fun and the next minute that fun is gone, leaving a sticky mess behind. It kind of reminds us of sin. One minute of doing what we want and not what God wants seems …