Volume 50

We are living in a world full of trouble and turmoil. Many of us have very real fears about our future. Others are also afraid and confused about what will happen to them after they die.

Life is uncertain and eternity is unending. Via magazine offers a message of hope and peace in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. We can have a sure foundation for our life, if we trust Him as our Lord and Saviour. We can know for sure where we will be after we die. We have a hope … we will be with our Lord Jesus for all eternity!

The way to have peace with God is graphically shown in the centre of this magazine. Those who know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour have the assurance of a secure future.

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Ready… or not?

The alarm clock wakes you up far too early. When you finally scramble out of bed, calculating the remaining minutes to get ready for work or school, you run into the kitchen still fixing your hair, grab your lunch from the refrigerator, and maybe snatch up a piece of toast…

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The Promise

Many served their country during the war. Some lost their lives. All those who served, had personal sacrifices of some sort. One person who was changed forever during that war was Elmer Rund…

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Worst of times or Best of times?

Who would have predicted that the world would be facing such unprecedented disruption and death by something so small, that it cannot be seen by the naked eye? …

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The Handwrinting on the Wall

“The handwriting is on the wall!” This expression is often used in connection with business bankruptcies, political defeats, or even the human race facing disaster because of global warming or Covid-19. Did you ever wonder about the origin of the expression?…

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El Popo

Not far from Mexico City, the beautiful volcano Popocatépetl rises to the majestic height of 17,802 feet, making it one of the tallest volcanoes in the world.

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Everything will be OK!

In my hometown, store fronts and homes alike are displaying signs that say, “Everything will be okay”. These signs are in response to the unsettled feelings many are experiencing due to all of the changes Covid-19 is bringing to our neighbourhoods…

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Are you a good person?

Take this 3-step test to find out.

STEP 1: Read these stories and decide what you would do…

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I just coulnd’t help myself

“I just couldn’t help myself,” said David as he was booked in the police station of a small Pennsylvania town. The list of charges looked pretty nasty …

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Helpless but not Hopeless

Have you ever felt completely, totally helpless? You wanted to do something — anything! — if only it could change things. Maybe it’s the big problems of the world that weigh you down …

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The Mark of Red

Imagine it. Sparkling blue waters gently lapping the shore of a gleaming white sandy beach, palms waving overhead, a warm breeze… Sounds good for a vacation right now! It could be a scene from the beautiful tropical nation of Samoa, in the South Pacific …

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Longing for Peace with God

My name is Derek, and I grew up in a Hutterite community. I was raised in a place where the Bible was read and where I went to church every day…

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