Volume 46

Reading through the articles in this volume of Via, we hope that you will be able to clearly see that you are at the centre of God’s attention.


He loves you with a powerful love! God loves you so much that He sent His Son to be your Substitute. We have all sinned and sin earns the penalty of death. God is absolutely fair but He is going to judge sin. Because He is also a God of mercy, He has presented a way of escape. God provided the Saviour, His Son, who came between us who are guilty and God who demands justice. He provided the way of escape from sin. The Lord Jesus took the punishment for our offenses so that we could live free from sin’s control. No matter what you may have done, He can liberate you – even from your addictions. He wants to be your Lord and Saviour!

The article “Sheep” helps us to picture the Lord Jesus as a caring and loving Shepherd. He is seeking for you. Once you call out to the Shepherd, He will bring you into His fold and never let you go! There is no peace like the peace we know when we are right with God. Eternity is real – are you ready?

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Centre of Attention

Make no mistake, you are at the centre of God’s attention. A remarkable quality about our reflection in a spherical mirror is that, no matter where the mirror might be placed, our eyes will always be in the dead centre of the mirror.

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Connected – But Alone?

“Can anybody hear me?” “Is anyone really listening?” “Is there anyone I can talk to?” Have you asked any of these? They’re such frustrating questions. With the world-wide popularity of cell phones and the internet, the world has never been more connected — but at the same time, we can feel very alone.

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When the Party is Over

There are many people, and you may be one of them, who believe that life should be one never-ending party; friends to meet, places to go, things to get and do, seeking constant amusement in the pursuit of happiness, needing non-stop activity to fill the emptiness inside, to fight the boredom that surrounds them.

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The Substitute

I watched a video of a beautiful horse named Daisy. Her back legs were trapped as she had somehow fallen into a well. She was helpless and without strength to get herself out of the pit she was in. If it wasn’t for a backhoe and a skilled operator, Daisy would have died.

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Searching for Light in Dense Darkness: Kim Phuc’s Testimony

Kim Phuc had no peace in her life and endured so much misery she wished she could just disappear or be dead, so her suffering – mentally, physically or emotionally, would be over.

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You’ve Got Mail – Message from Space

Have you ever sent an e-mail to another planet? Or have you perhaps text-messaged someone in the next galaxy? Sound odd? Well, that’s what a group of astronomers have been attempting to do for more than 40 years!

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You are Sensible

It’s late afternoon when you hear the doorbell ring. A glance through the window in the front door sends a surge of adrenalin through your whole body, sweat breaks out on your forehead and your pulse jumps involuntarily.

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The Wrong Hiding Place

It happened in Florida. A young man and his partner-in-crime planned a night of mischief, crime and burglaries.

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A Long Path to Freedom

Carol Ridgley was in bondage. She had married at age 17 and before she had reached age 20, she had two children and was addicted to drugs.

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Harvest Time

While working as an agricultural mechanic, I enjoyed watching the changes brought by the maturing of crops in the fields.

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Like Sheep?

Are sheep sheepish? Are they stupid? Top marks if you answered no to both of these questions. Sheep are remarkable creatures – and we human beings are very much like them, as you’ll learn from the Bible.

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