Ty’s T

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Ty Parker was like any other 9 year old boy. He loved swimming, football, soccer, hunting, fishing, hockey, and air soft guns. He loved anything with a motor – quads, dirt bikes, even the lawn mower. Ty could spend hours creating things with his Lego, spent his summers camping at Clear Lake, riding his bike, sitting by the campfire and …

Call of God

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I recently attended a reception to recognize the faithful dedication of two women, Marian Ronald and Daisy Hanna. As nurses they have each spent 50 years at the Loloma Mission in Zambia, Africa. They do not seek attention for themselves but tell how the Lord called, equipped and enabled them to do the necessary work. Primarily the women went to …

Kelly Clark

Kelly Clark Olympian Snowboarder

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If you had no friends, no money, no success, no breaks in life, no significance and no future you could understand the dark feeling of being empty inside. Perhaps you have a horrible inner void, screaming out to be filled, that hauntingly echoes through the hollow caverns of your life. But what if you had everything above – yet, with …

Someone is watching you

Someone is watching you!

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Many times we are unaware of being watched, but security cameras are tracking our movements. When the bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon, police and other security forces were able to use security camera footage to reconstruct the event. In Manitoba, a 57 year old woman left home for one of her regular long walks. She was preparing for a …

The Shiny Stone

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For Erasmus Jacobs, it was just another day. As the 15 year old wandered near the river on his father’s farm in South Africa, he noticed a stone shining in the sun. He casually picked it up and put it in his pocket. Later, he used it in a game of five-stones (or knucklebones). As he played, his mother noticed …

Giving it your Best Shot

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I was enjoying a brisk walk on a late February day. While admiring the spectacular beauty of Langley, British Columbia and appreciating the early spring blossoms appearing on the trees and the ducks peacefully swimming in the ditches, something flew past my head. Normally, I wouldn’t wear a helmet when I am just out for a walk! But tomorrow morning …

Chelsea chased a what

Chelsea Chased a What?

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Dear Children, Grandma and I know that children like riddles, so here is a riddle for you. Tell me … What kind of dog is white … Has black spots all over it … And a light yellow spot on its forehead … And also smells like a skunk? Did you guess? “Sure, Grandpa. It sounds like your dog Chelsea …

What do you know

What Do You Know?

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What’s the most important thing you know? It’s a huge question! Education is a big part of our lives. We spend years going through elementary, middle, and high school, and then we are strongly encouraged to go to university or college. We spend a lot of money on learning – and possibly a good amount of time and energy as …

Value of your life

Value of your life

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Which is worth more – your LIFE or your SOUL? What is your life worth? People don’t ask this question often but it is worth considering. The value of our life depends on who is doing the evaluation. Our neighbours might value our life based on our contributions to the community. A chemist might value us based on the chemicals …


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“It’s a miracle you are alive,” the doctor said as she indicated the reports and x-rays showing water-filled lungs and low oxygen levels. Scott had proven that, “there is but a step between me and death” (1 Samuel 20:3). Vacationing Scott and Kim Hayes walked on the beach in Mexico. They headed to a sandbar where the Ameca River flows …