Dropped into a Policeman’s Arms

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It really wasn’t blind faith nor was it a leap into the unknown. It was a deliberate rescue act. The danger above was immediate and deadly; the strong willing arms below were beckoning and trustworthy. There was no other way to safety.

The tranquility of a quiet German neighbourhood was shattered when an apartment building erupted into flames and billowing smoke. The stairwell was engulfed in flames. The need to rescue the people in the building was urgent. On the third floor one terror-filled family stood helplessly at a window. Fire fighters, policemen and on-lookers gathered on the street below.

Erdal Calar looked at his 8-month old nephew held tightly in his mother’s arms. Was that the safest place for little Onur? Forty feet below, an unidentified policeman held his arms open wide in readiness to catch the infant. Mr. Calar said: “I saw the cop with his arms outstretched holding his jacket like a safety net. I kissed Onur one last time, and then I let him fall.”

Onur fell into the arms of the policeman. Would he have lived had his uncle not taken such dramatic action? Sadly, some others in that family circle did not survive. But Onur was saved because a caring uncle trusted the arms of a policeman.

Have you ever realized the danger you are in spiritually? A disease may take you to the grave but your sins will take you to Hell. There is nothing more urgent in your life just now than to be rescued from your sins. The danger is very real! Sadly, many die in their sins and never make it to safety.

Uncle Erdal did not hurl his little nephew out into the dark, not knowing what would happen. He saw a policeman below who was able, willing and waiting to catch the infant. He put his faith in a person – the policeman.

Spiritual salvation is not a leap into the dark, nor is it blind faith. Are you willing to put your faith in a person whose name is Jesus? His arms were opened wide upon the cross because of His love for perishing people. They remain open to you right now. He is not only willing, but He is able to save you today. He is worthy of your absolute and immediate trust.

The Bible says that when sinners were perishing and had absolutely no strength to help or save themselves, Christ the Saviour paid the penalty for their sins by His death upon the cross (Romans 5:6). Are you willing just now to trust Him as your Saviour?


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