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“If God is trying to tell me something, a letter would be nice.”

That’s what Brian said after the soccer game, because he was really shaken up and seemed ready to listen to God.

What does it take to make a person ready to listen to God? Listen right now, because God has already spoken to you in the Bible. He instructs, “He who hath ears to hear, let him hear!” (Matthew 11:15). God wants to get your attention, just as He wanted Brian’s attention.

Brian was goalie for his team. It wasn’t the best kind of day for a soccer game; the whole field was a soggy mess. It had been raining earlier in the day, and the sky was looking black again. Suddenly, a vivid flash of lightning split the sky, and something happened that Brian will remember as long as he lives.

“The team was coming toward me,” he reported, “and suddenly I felt the hum of electricity all around me. Then the ball was just rolling along by itself and everybody was down.”

Twenty-one players, plus the referee, had dropped in their tracks. Only Brian remained standing. “I just stood there, looking over the field at all the bodies. It was a weird feeling.”

Something so unusual feels like a message from God, and Brian was not mistaken. Don’t wait until you are in a field full of fallen friends. NOW is the time to listen to God.

One by one the fallen players began to stir and get up on their feet. All but the referee. He remained down. The paramedics were called to restore his breathing.

The news reporter asked Brian how he felt about it. He answered, “If God wants to tell me something, a letter would be nice.”

But, Brian, God has already written a letter! He has cared for His wonderful letter through fire and storm for thousands of years. Copies are printed every day. Read the Bible. Find out that “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son” (John 3:16). Find out that if you believe in the Son, you have everlasting life.

What will it take to make you ready to listen? Your own death may be the message that will make you listen. But then it will be too late to receive God’s loving gift. Hell is an awful reality.

Are you listening right now? God loves you. He wants you to accept the gift of everlasting life from His Son, Jesus Christ. Will you come right now and not wait for God to speak louder?

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