Flaming California Inferno

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The raging infernos in Southern California seemed almost apocalyptic in character as the towering flames destroyed everything in their path. The rich and famous, together with thousands of others were seized with overwhelming feelings of helplessness and loss of control. Some refused to leave their million dollar homes, but instead tried to hose down the fiery cinders that fell on their roofs in an effort to save their valued possessions. Others packed their belongings into vehicles and fled for shelter. One lady stared at the fury of the fire as it descended on her neighbourhood, sparing her house but devouring others. She shook her head. “Part of me says to get out of town,” she said, “and the other part says I could not stand to leave.”

A Biblical parallel is found in the book of Genesis. God was about to punish the city of Sodom for its sin and wicked lifestyles. In His grace and kindness, He warned Lot and his family to flee from coming judgment, but they had to be dragged out of the city. Lot’s wife perished when she turned back to see what she loved.

If we could interview Mrs. Lot today she would probably say: “Back then, a part of me said ‘get out of town’ but the other part said, ‘I can’t stand to leave.'”

There is a future day of wrath that will overtake this planet. The rich and the poor, princes and paupers, the kings of the world and the kingpins of the underworld alike will flee and try to find shelter to hide themselves from the wrath of God. You can read about this awful day in Revelation 6:14-17.

But what about today – are you in any danger? Maybe part of you says: “Get ready. Accept the salvation that is offered through the death of the Lord Jesus Christ. Obtain eternal life.” But there’s another part of you that argues: “Not yet. I’ve heard the evacuation orders. In my heart I’ve heard the pleadings of the Saviour to come to Him for shelter, safety, forgiveness and rest – but I am torn. Shall I accept Christ now or cling to my fun, friends and lifestyle? Should I chance it?” We urge you to flee to Christ. His arms are wide open and waiting to receive you. Come today! Tomorrow may be too late. Jesus said: “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and IÂ will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28).


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