God Understands Sign Language

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I am the youngest in my family and live with my parents, sister and brother. I was born hearing, but when I was two years old I was very sick with meningitis and became deaf. My family learned sign language, so now I sign to communicate, and I read and write English.

I started to attend Sunday School when I was three years old. My Grandma was my teacher because she could use sign language with me. I learned a lot of things about the Bible and how God made the world and everything in it. I always believed the Bible was true. Later we learned about the life of the Lord Jesus and how He died on the cross and took the punishment for our sin. We attended church services where my Mom, Dad and cousin Carmen interpreted what the speaker was saying for me.

One evening when Carmen was interpreting, she stopped. I asked why she stopped interpreting. She said that there were some German-speaking people in the meeting, so the preacher had started to speak German and she didn’t understand German. Then we started to discuss how God understands all the languages including sign language, and He even knows what we are thinking. I began to realize that I didn’t need an interpreter to talk to God as I did when I talked to everyone else, but I could pray to Him myself.

I wanted to be saved from the punishment for my sin. I knew my family members were all saved and I was afraid of being alone if the Lord Jesus came back to take them to Heaven.

When I was 12 years old, I went to visit my Grandma. She got down on her knees and prayed every night. One night I got down on my knees too. Using sign language, I asked God to forgive my sins. I knew Jesus loved me and died on the cross for me.

Now I read my Bible every day because I want to learn more about Jesus and how God wants me to live. I know I may never hear my family on earth, but the first one I’ll hear in Heaven will be my Saviour!

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