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If someone asked you if you loved God, you might say: “Of course I love God. What kind of a person do you think I am?!!”

Many people are afraid to say they really don’t love God, in case He retaliates by being unresponsive to them in a crisis. So, making yourself believe you love God offers you some reassurance that God will hear you when you call. But let’s be honest, is that really love?

Think of it this way: if you paid as much attention over the last year to your parents or grandparents as you have paid to God during the same time period, what would they conclude about how much you love them?

For the most part, people only think about God or try to communicate with God when they can’t work things out themselves or when they are afraid. They may be afraid they won’t get the new job; afraid that they will get caught after messing up badly; afraid the growing lump may be cancer; afraid the judge will give them a stiff penalty; and the list goes on.

The sad reality is – often God can be totally ignored until a crisis happens. Then like a call placed to the emergency number 911, we expect God to come to our rescue. Is that loving God or using God? How would you define your relationship with God up until now?

God is not obliged to respond to our calls of distress, but so often the goodness of God is shown when we least deserve it. Did you know that when God shows His goodness through acts of grace, He actually wants to lead you to repentance and to faith in His Son the Lord Jesus Christ? (Romans 2:4).

Regardless of how a person has used God or regarded God, God has made the first move to demonstrate His own amazing love for them – whether they ever reciprocate by loving Him in return or not. There may be many questions about the sincerity of our love for God. One look at the suffering and innocent Christ on the Cross, enduring the horrible penalty our sins deserved, should be all we need to convince us of His love for us.

If you have admitted in your heart that you have been guilty of ignoring or using God, would you like to rethink your relationship with Him? Would you like to turn to God, admit the guilt of your sins, and trust Christ as your personal Saviour? There is eternal life available to you through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Why not respond to God’s love today by loving Him in return?

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