Getting Laddie Back

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Laddie was the most wonderful dog in the world. At least that’s what Matt thought. Even running errands for Mom was fun for Matt if Laddie came along.

When Matt came home from school, Laddie was always at the gate to meet him. But one day, when Matt got home, his dog had vanished.

“Where’s Laddie?” he asked his Mom.

“He’s probably curled up sleeping somewhere,” she replied. “He’ll likely be back soon.”

By the time Matt’s dad got home from work, Laddie was still missing. “Where did you see him last?” he asked Matt.

“He followed me part way to school this morning,” said Matt. “Do you suppose he got lost and couldn’t find his way home?”

“We’ll go out and look for him after supper,” his father promised. But when bedtime came, Laddie still hadn’t been found. Long, lonesome days followed, and still no trace could be found of his dog.

Several weeks later, Matt was walking past a hedge, when he heard a low whimper. Peering through the gate, he saw Laddie straining at a rope tied to his collar. In an instant Matt was through the gate and fumbling at the knot that held Laddie prisoner.

“What are you doing to my dog?” angrily demanded a boy, older and bigger than Matt.

“This is my puppy,” answered Matt. “I lost him a few weeks ago.”

“Your dog, is it?” scoffed the older boy. “Well, he’s mine now. Just try to get him!”

Matt felt like crying at the thought of leaving Laddie behind. Suddenly he had an idea. “Would you sell him to me?” he asked.

For a while the older boy considered. “How much will you give me?” he asked.

“Well, I only have three dollars. But you can take it all.”

“Tell you what,” said the boy, “you give me the three dollars. Then I’ll untie the dog, and if he wants to go home with you, you can have him. If he wants to stay with me, he’s mine.”

Matt raced home. As he ran, fear gnawed at his heart. What if Laddie had forgotten him? What if he stayed with the older boy? Minutes later he was giving all his money to the boy.

“OK, pup, it’s up to you,” said the boy, as the knot was untied. With one joyful bark, Laddie ran through the gate toward Matt, and together they ran home.

“You know, son,” said Dad, “that reminds me of what the Lord Jesus did for us. We were really His because He created us. But we were lost, just like your dog was, and tied up by sin. The Lord Jesus loved us so much that He came and paid the price to buy us back.

It cost Him all that He had – He gave His life. And now all those who trust Him as Lord and Saviour are set free to follow Him. They are His forever.”

Whenever Matt thinks of the time that Laddie was lost, he remembers that he was once a lost sinner, that he was bought with a great price, and that he now belongs to Jesus.

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