His Final Step

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“But why Daniel”? This question has been asked over and over. Why did he have to leave us so soon? He was so young; just a week shy of his 18th birthday. The canoe and camping trip was a go. His occupation was planned. His future was as bright as his smile. This summer morning was to be like any other; shower, breakfast and off to work at the nearby store. And it was Friday!

A Christian conference with friends was part of the weekend, except the weekend didn’t arrive for Daniel. He took his final step Friday morning! Little did he realize as he stepped from the shower that it would be a fatal step. Few know when their last step will be taken. David, a king from the Bible, knew that there was just a step between him and death at any given moment. While unplanned and not invited, this final step awaits each one of us. For Daniel, it was a simple step from the shower onto a bee. Routine yet final!

The paramedics were professional. The helicopter was fast and efficient. The doctors and staff at the trauma centre did their best, but by Saturday Daniel was gone! Plans were forever shelved. Grief filled the family and shock permeated the community. Disbelief like a dark thundercloud engulfed his circle of loved ones. Yet it was true. Life succumbed to death. The days and years of time would now be called Eternity. Earth was traded for Heaven! Talk about a change; a contrast.

Maybe you have wondered what really does happen when death knocks. The Bible teaches that we are all travelling towards one of two destinies (Matthew 7:13-14). And yes, Heaven is one of them. We are made with a body, a soul and a spirit. The body is like a car. The soul and spirit with emotions and personality are like a passenger in the car. Life is like a big, long trip or in Daniel’s case a short, fast one. When death is reached the body comes to a stop. It is like parking the car. The occupant opens the door and leaves. But to where? The Bible tells about what happens to every believer in the Lord Jesus Christ when their life on Earth stops, “absent from the body and to be present with the Lord” (2 Corinthians 5:8). In other words, the real person leaves the body and is instantly with Jesus in Heaven. That is the huge step that Daniel took when his life ended. In fact, he will be with the Lord forever. When you take your “forever” step, where will you be?

Every person needs a faith step before they die. Jesus invites us, “Come to me” (Matthew 11:28). He invites everyone who is tired and weary to find rest in Him. Every person carrying a heavy load is invited to lay it at His feet. Every broken heart can find relief. Every sin can be forgiven. Daniel took his faith step in his early teens. What a blessing that he did. Will you come to the Saviour today?

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