Looking for Peace and Balance in Life?

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If you could change one thing in your world, what would it be?

Television celebrity and personal trainer Bob Harper has impacted many lives with his motivational advice. In addition to being a personal trainer for celebrities, he has been a star on the NBC American The Biggest Loser television series with former co-star, trainer Jillian Michaels.

When his show partner left the series, some wondered about the show’s continuing popularity. There was a dip in the ratings but Harper seemed unfazed. He said: “I’m doing what I was put on this earth to do – all the rest of that stuff, I don’t care. At the end of the day, I’m a trainer. That’s what I was doing before the show, that’s what I do during the show, and that’s what I will do after the show.”

Recently Bob Harper was interviewed by his former Biggest Loser partner Jillian Michaels on her own show. It’s a very positive and upbeat interview. She was looking for candor. She gave him open-ended statements to finish such as, “I’m most proud of…” and “The hardest thing for me to overcome…”

Michaels asks Harper what he would change if he could change just one thing in the world. His response: “It would be to find peace.” He then went on to talk about the pursuit of personal peace. He mentioned John Lennon’s quest for peace. He speculated that if a person could find peace in their life, how much better it would be for everyone else around them and presumably for the actual person who found it.

If you were to be asked similar questions, how would you respond? You may have accomplished and acquired many things in life – but have you secured inner peace yet? Bob Harper and others are realizing many successes in life, but when their day is over and the lights are out, they seem to have an inner longing for peace. Success they have. Peace they have yet to find. Does that describe your current state?

At the end of the interview, Mr. Harper also said he was “trying to find a little bit of balance in this unbalanced world.” People are unbalanced when they are out of sync with their Creator. How can there be balance in a broken world when the primary relationship between the individual and God is broken? A broken relationship in a home creates an unhealthy and unbalanced atmosphere. Spiritually it is no different, apart from the fact that a broken relationship with God is infinitely more serious and has eternal ramifications.

We can fill our lives with fortune, fame, fun and many other things. As long as the primary relationship is broken with God, there will always be a void, an imbalance and a perpetual longing in the human soul for something called ‘peace’.

A mechanic talks about the need for your vehicle to have an alignment. The symptoms are: a pulling in one direction; a certain shaking when the vehicle accelerates; a steering wheel vibration and an unbalanced wearing of the tires. A car that needs an alignment does not provide a smooth ride. Spiritually speaking, because of sin our own performance is sub-standard and we fail God’s road test. We need a spiritual alignment.

To those who are experiencing weariness, an imbalance in life, a pulling in the wrong direction, a sad wearing down and despairing, wearing out due to the presence of sin and the absence of inner peace, Jesus said these beautiful and inviting words: “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28).

You must come to the Lord Jesus for the required spiritual alignment in your life. When He said: “I will give you rest” He didn’t mean a ‘rest’ that comes from no activity but rather the rest that comes from a life of satisfaction and peace, when all facets of one’s life are aligned with the very purposes of God. That life is available to you this very day through Jesus Christ alone!


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