The greatest journey

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About 2,000 years ago, Jesus, the Son of God, left His home in Heaven and came to Earth. It was the beginning of the greatest journey ever made.

How Did He Come?

Jesus didn’t travel in a spaceship, or ride a shooting star. He was born as a baby to Mary, who was told by an angel of God that she would be His mother.

Where Did He Come?

Mary and her husband Joseph lived in a small town called Nazareth in the country of Israel. But they had to take a trip to Bethlehem, and that is where Jesus was born.

Why Did He Come?

Jesus made the long journey from Heaven because it was a very important part of God’s plan. He came to Earth and became a man so He could save us from our sins and we could go to Heaven. God loves us so much that He gave us the best gift ever!

How Did He Grow Up?

After He was born as a baby, Jesus got bigger and stronger, just like you. What made Him different, though, is that He never did anything wrong. He never cheated at a game, or told a lie, or disobeyed His parents.

What Did He Do?

After Jesus grew up, He started teaching people about God. He also did many miracles, like healing the sick and even bringing dead people back to life.

Why Did He Die?

The most important thing Jesus did was die on the cross to take away our sins. Because He was perfect, He had no sins to be punished for. But He took God’s punishment for our sins instead.

Where Did He Go?

After Jesus died, He rose again and went to Heaven. How can we go to Heaven with Him? First, we need to realize that we are sinners who need God’s help to be made ready for Heaven. Then we must trust what Jesus has done for us, by believing that He died for us and rose again. “If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved” (Romans 10:9).

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