The World’s Best Seller

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Our teen years are marked by learning to develop our own ideas. We make decisions for ourselves, based on what we can determine from information around us. Here is something for you to consider:

The World’s Best Seller

Some university professors sneer at the Bible, confidently affirming that it is an irrelevant relic from a former age. Even a few religious leaders give the Bible a thumbs-down rating as if it was quickly losing its popularity and relevance.

Maybe you are allowing others to influence your thinking against the Bible. With all the hype of anti-Bible books flooding the market, is the Bible really losing its popularity?

Daniel Radosh is listed as one of the World’s Top 25 Bloggers. He is not a Christian – he would be very quick to tell you that – and he is not going to exaggerate the popularity of the Bible.

He wrote in The New Yorker: “The familiar observation that the Bible is the best-selling book of all times obscures a more startling fact: the Bible is the best-selling book of the year, every year.”

Wikipedia lists the second most popular book of all times as Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book in China. They estimate 800-900 million copies have been sold.

The Holy Bible claims the most popular book easily, with estimates of between 2.5 billion to 6 billion being sold.

Read it for yourself!

The Bible is the only God-breathed, infallible, and indestructible written Word of God. Assuming that to be true, shouldn’t you give it some serious consideration?

Yes, the Bible is a big book, and some things are very difficult to understand. But if you approach the Bible with an honest mind, asking God to speak to your heart as you read it, you will discover the Bible is a ‘living’ book.

“For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword…and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart” (Hebrews 4:12).

  • How did the world begin? – read Genesis.
  • What will mark the end of time? – read Revelation.
  • Like Poetry? – read the Psalms.
  • Are you intrigued by words of wisdom? – read the Proverbs.
  • How does God see you and all of the human race? – read Romans.
  • Who is the Lord Jesus Christ? – read the Gospel of John.

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