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It was a perfect day to visit the zoo. The animals were active. The weather was balmy. We were enthralled for quite some time watching the monkeys cavorting with one another, swinging from the ropes and playing with the toys. We strode from one exhibit to the next, enjoying our day out as a family. Finally we stopped outside the tiger cage. The full day was taking its toll on the children. It was time to go home. But, where were we in relation to our vehicle? Thankfully not too far from us was a zoo map. With a nice bright star it announced, “You are here!” We knew we wanted to go to our van in parking lot ‘F’, so all we had to do was plan our route there by using the map.

Have you taken a look at the Two Roads chart in the centre of this magazine? It is a map of life and eternity. There is no bright star announcing, “You are here”, but perhaps you already know where you would place yourself on this chart.

We are born on what the Bible calls the Broad Way. Many stay on this road, and their ultimate destination is Hell. However, there is a small door leading to the Narrow Way. The Lord Jesus Christ, God’s beloved Son, said, “I am the door” ( John 10:9). Because He paid the price for our sin, when we trust Him as Saviour our sins are no longer a barrier to Heaven. We enter through the Door onto the Narrow Way. Most of us readily admit that we want to be in Heaven when we die. If you know you are on the Broad Way and you know you want to be in Heaven, you must choose the Saviour.

No one knows how many steps they will have in their journey toward the pillar of death. For some people it will be a few steps; for others it will be many. Enter in at the Door while you have the opportunity. One of these days, possibly very soon, the Lord Jesus is going to return to the air. All those who are saved and on the Narrow Way will rise to meet Him. The earth will be emptied of all Christians. Those who are left behind will no longer have a choice about their destiny. They will eventually be in Hell. Be sure you know where you are heading in this journey of life!

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