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Ty Parker was like any other 9 year old boy. He loved swimming, football, soccer, hunting, fishing, hockey, and air soft guns. He loved anything with a motor – quads, dirt bikes, even the lawn mower. Ty could spend hours creating things with his Lego, spent his summers camping at Clear Lake, riding his bike, sitting by the campfire and just being with his family. While on this year’s camping trip, his headaches began. On August 19, 2015, Ty was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor. It was shocking news for him and his family yet through his diagnosis and the days leading up to the necessary brain surgery, he possessed strength, courage and faith.

The evening before his brain surgery, Ty and his dad Jon were putting some Lego sets together. He was tired and weak, and he sat back in his chair with two longer pieces of Lego. Jon could see him thinking. He snapped them together in the formation of a “T”. He looked at his dad, held up the “T” and said, “Dad, T for Ty”. Then he brought it back down, touching the two pieces. A number of seconds passed then in his weak voice he said “Dad, you know, sometimes when I think of the ‘T’ in my name, I think of the cross”. The photo on this page is the very cross he made that evening. This was the final two pieces of Lego he put together. The Cross.

Not just any cross, but THE cross. Why was this so important to Ty? Because he loved the One who died on it for his sin, Jesus Christ. Ty wasn’t very old when he understood that he needed a Saviour. He entered into a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus when he was seven years old. He knew that his sins were forgiven, his debt was paid and his future was secure. He was sure of his salvation. He knew God was in control of his life and health. This gave him peace as he faced the battle of his life.

Sadly, Ty developed complications as a result of his surgery and passed away on August 31, 2015. He is now with his Saviour. In life and death, the cross made all the difference to Ty. What about you? What does the cross of Jesus Christ mean to you? It can change your life and your destiny. You need a Saviour. Acts 16:31 says, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved.” In life you can know peace, joy and hope for eternity and in death, you need not be afraid.

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