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What is eternity? Many definitions and illustrations have been attempted, but they all fall short of fully capturing the concept. This is probably because we are so accustomed to time – to counting seconds, days and years – that we try to picture eternity as never-ending time. But eternity isn’t time that never ends; it is the absence of time. Eternity is timelessness.

Regardless of the way we choose to try to understand eternity, let us never lose sight of the truth that eternity is a reality. The passing of each day brings us all nearer to it, and we must all enter it sooner or later. What will eternity be like? The Bible tells us a lot about it – in fact the whole message of the Bible was written by God who “inhabiteth eternity” (Isaiah 57:15) so that we might know how to spend it with Him.

When all the teaching of the Bible on eternity is “boiled down” to its essence, we have two things left: Heaven and Hell. These very different destinies become the dwellings of all those who have lived on the earth. Your reality and mine for eternity will be either the joys of Heaven or the woes of Hell.

It’s amazing how things can change when we get a new perspective. The earth seems very large to us, but when compared to the vastness of the universe it becomes very small. In an even more impressive way, the significance of the things that occupy us now will change drastically when we look at them in view of eternity.

Are you prepared for the reality of eternity? Do you know where you will be in eternity? Are the things you care about today things that will benefit yourself and others for eternity? We urge you to take time now to consider eternity Someone has said: “Life is too uncertain, death is too sure, and eternity is too long to further risk delay.”

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