The Search

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My father died when I was 7 years old. He was a singer who had done a lot of worldly things, and had worldly successes.

He had toured Canada with Hank Snow, Sons of the Pioneers, and Don Messer, along with Ann Murray and other such names.

I tried to carry on the legacy for singing and writing songs, so at a very young age I was travelling with a band. I created a French album and won a few awards. I thought this would make me happy. However, no matter how I succeeded in the music world, it never gave me anything more than temporary joy and excitement. I always felt that there had to be more. But, even after having four children, I kept trying to obtain more success in music and also in my teaching career.

After I finally started reading the Bible, it did not take many days before God convicted me of my sin and made me understand the seriousness of it
Then my second son René called us from Halifax to tell us that he was leaving university to “search for Jesus”. He had made contact with someone who he hoped to learn from, and he was leaving the province to go live with this stranger. He was 19 years old. This was, to say the least, devastating news. I cried for days and honestly thought we had lost our son to a religious cult, or worse.

In the following weeks, he would call and ask me to read the Bible. I would tell him that I had tried to get him to attend mass regularly (being Catholic) and that he didn’t even want to come. So who was he to tell me to read the Bible! I was very angry with him and would tell the kids to tell him I wasn’t home when he called.

Well, something …somewhere deep inside of me was curious enough, or lost enough… to start reading. I had read a bit of the Bible in my early 20’s and I had been thinking about God at different times in my life. But now it was different. My son’s search seemed to change him. He was interested in us. He telephoned often, and seemed to care about the things of God. This spoke to me.

After I finally started reading the Bible, it did not take many days before God convicted me of my sin and made me understand the seriousness of it. I did not believe that I deserved forgiveness of any kind. But God saved me!

I was alone in my bed, crying while thinking of all that I had done in the eyes of a holy and righteous God. I knew where I would be if I died that night – lost for eternity! I did not have any verses memorized, but I knew that I had read somewhere in the Bible that God loved the whole world and that He sent His Son to die for everyone in the world. At that moment, I knew that I was part of the group of sinners that He came to save. I felt so much peace and joy. Words could never describe this moment. It was about 2 o’clock in the morning and I called René and said, “René, don’t worry about me anymore. Everything is going to be alright”. He said, “What do you mean, Mom?” I said, “I don’t The plight of the homeless is not limited to one nation, culture or age group. Homelessness is a huge problem that is greater than society can remedy. Many people search through garbage for their food and clothing, and sleep under bridges and stairs, in packing boxes, or shelters built of even more garbage. Did you ever think that you could become homeless? What about your future eternal (forever) home? The Bible tells us of just two destinies: know, exactly. I just know that everything will be alright”. We found out much later…months later, that René was saved the same day, after a gospel meeting he attended.

The morning after I was saved, I can say that I was a new creature. I was so happy…so very happy! I caused quite a stir in my school. I am also very glad to say that my mother was saved ten months later, at age 84. My son André was saved a few months after me. And about eight years later my husband was also saved. Praise the Lord!

Michelle Samson

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