Why don’t we see Rainbows all of the time?

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To see a naturally occurring rainbow, conditions have to be just right. There has to be a lot of water droplets in the air and the sun has to be at your back as you look at the droplets. If these two things are happening then you will see a rainbow!

Sunlight is made up of different colours of light. When sunlight enters a water droplet each colour is refracted (or bent) a different amount by the water, so that the colours spread out. When the colour is reflected from the inside surface of the droplet, it is refracted again as it goes back out into the air which spreads out the colours even more. Since there are many droplets at different heights above the ground and each droplet refracts a colour that reaches our eyes, we are able to see a complete rainbow.

When I see a rainbow, it lifts my spirit. I love the colours and am always amazed at how big it is! But a rainbow can also tell us some things about God.

A rainbow reminds us that God once warned the people of Noah’s day about a coming judgment for their sin. Noah and his family believed God. They were saved in the Ark provided through God’s instruction. We are like the sinners of Noah’s day; our sins will also bring us to judgment. God’s instruction to every person today, is to trust in the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. At the cross, He provided for the forgiveness of our sins. The person who trusts Him is saved from that judgment.

When the conditions are right, a person can see a rainbow. The conditions are now ‘right’ for a person to be saved. Christ has already paid for the sin of the whole world when He died on the cross. You can accept His work for yourself now.

I may look at a rainbow while another person stands some distance from me. That person would also see a rainbow, but because the light reaches them at a different angle, that person sees the rainbow in a slightly different part of the sky than I do. In a similar way, every person who is saved has ‘seen’ the Lord Jesus Christ as the only way of salvation, but every person’s salvation experience is different in some way.

God has saved people in their homes or at work, while reading the Bible or while hearing something said. Your salvation will be unique and personal to you, but all who believe have the same Saviour. Trust Christ today!

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